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Gino Teyf

Gino developed his unique talents while growing up in Eastern Europe. Over 30 years ago he brought his perfected craft to Atlanta and has been pleasing customers ever since. Respected for his skill as a barber and for the care he has for his customers, Gino’s commitment to excellence is well-known in the community. Gino has mentored numerous successful barbers and has influenced many more with his classical style. While Gino’s Classic Barber Shop is his newest location, his reputation precedes him.

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Bang for your Buck

$12/$19 Outline
Precisely sculpted to accentuate your style. Our Master Barbers will shape your cut with state of the art clippers or a straight razor completed with a pinch of cooling aftershave balm.


$7/$12 Goatee/ Beard Trim
Keep your goatee or beard in great shape with a precision clipper trim followed by a pinch of cooling aftershave balm. Served with a steamed towel, face refresher and a shoulder massage.


$20 Jr. Gentleman’s Cut
It’s our Master Barber Cut for the little guys. (12 & Under)


$42 Father & Son
Includes a Master Barber cut and a Jr. Gentleman’s cut Plus 20% off our premier grooming products.


$275 His Royal Highness
Twelve Master Barber Cuts plus 20% Off our premier grooming products.
$25 Master Barber Cut
Expertly crafted to your liking. Accompanied by a straight-razor neck shave, steamed towel and shoulder massage. (Long Hair +$5)


$27 Master Barber Flat top
A classic flat top crafted like a work of art by our expert master barbers. Accompanied by a straight-razor neck shave, steamed towel and shoulder massage.


$30 Master Barber Straight Razor Head Shave
Bald is beautiful, and it’s low maintenance. Whatever the reason, hot lather and a blade will get your noggin clean.


$30 Hot Lather Straight Razor Shave
Prepared in the classic style with steamed towels, dollops of warm lather and a pinch of cooling aftershave balm followed by a face massage.


$52 The Baron
Our full service master barber cut/hot lather straight razor shave combo.

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